Launch Pad 39A

  • Location:

    Cape Canaveral, Florida

  • Client:

    US Army Corps of Engineers

  • Delivery Method:


  • Year Completed:


  • Built iconic NASA launch pad that was the first of its kind
  • Completed project for $3.5 million less than nearest competitor proposal
  • Utilized cryogenic piping experience from our Titan missile projects

Creating structures that have never been built before is a Sundt specialty. NASA’s Launch Pad 39A would become the “first step” on our country’s journey to the moon. The US Army Corps of Engineers solicited bids for a structure literally designed by a group of rocket scientists for rockets that did not yet exist. Though other contractors might have been scared off, Sundt already learned how to construct cryogenic piping on our Titan missile projects. With a joint venture partner, we took on this challenge and met the ultimate deadline: a scheduled launch date mandated by President Kennedy. By meeting it, we helped the U.S. win the space race.